RA’s Have Fun Too

First of all Welcome Back! We hope you had an amazing summer and are as excited to return to campus as we are. Ever wonder what an RA does over summer break. Check out the pictures below to see what we do once summer starts and meet our newest additions to the staff. Be sure to check back monthly for exciting new posts!


Micah and his brother took a weekend trip to Baltimore to watch the Indians-Orioles series. The Orioles swept the Indians!


Hannah had cousins from Kansas city for a couple of weekss this summer. She spent a lot of time with them, especially in the Smoky Mountains. Here she is with her cousins hiking in the Smoky’s.








Tanner took a trip to Disneyland this summer.






Lauren taught swimming lessons, worked for a veterinarian, and took a week vacation to Florida with her family and went go deep sea fishing in the Gulf.






Meredith had an internship with the State of North Carolina, Department of Public Safety over the summer. She traveled to all 56 Prison Facility and trained 150 employees on how to use a utility bill pay system.






Sam went to the beach with his baby sister.





Layney traveled to Cambodia to visit family. No matter where life takes us we are always family! #friendsbychancefamilybychoice








Josh spent time in London, Ky where the yards wear plaid.


Christy and her husband Joe enjoyed their last night of vacation in Destin, Florida.









Lucas played soccer in a PDL league this summer in Johnson City. The teams name was Tri-City Otters.







Johnny spent his summer working with these wonderful kids and many more at different soccer camps.


Drew was a camp counselor for Pine Cove Camp in the City down in Texas.

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Maximizing Your Summer

Maximizing Your Summer

We have all been anticipating summer break for weeks. It’s so close I can taste it! Just a couple of finals and papers are all that stand between us and a couple of months of freedom. As another school year comes to a close, don’t let all your hard work go to waste.

This blog is all about ways to get the most out of summer break.

Worried about finding a job after graduation? Have no fear – that’s what internships are for! Internships are a great way for students to gain experience in the workplace and learn invaluable skills to set them apart from their counterparts. They are also an excellent source for networking in a professional setting to meet people from many different areas and build relationships with potential employers. And when it comes time to finally apply to your dream job you’ll have real work experience AND references to back-up your resume. Summer internships have perks such as possibly getting paid and/or receiving college credit. If you need help finding a summer internship, the Office of Career Services on campus offers many resources. Continue reading

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Study Smarter, Not Harder

As college students, there are so many of us who find ourselves panicking when it comes to studying, especially this close to the end of the semester. I have come to realize that more often than not, we are choosing to study harder rather than smarter. This blog is all about useful study tips, places to study on our campus, and resources our campus offers to help you study. Continue reading

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Letter from the Director

Welcome Railsplitter,

As a member of the LMU community, I hope that you will take the opportunity to enjoy all that living on campus has to offer! Living on campus provides an environment uniquely able to cater to your needs as a student. Our residential facilities are among the finest in the country, and our talented staff members and student leaders are committed to assisting and working with you to create an atmosphere conducive to academic, intellectual, professional, social and personal growth and development. Continue reading

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