Study Smarter, Not Harder

As college students, there are so many of us who find ourselves panicking when it comes to studying, especially this close to the end of the semester. I have come to realize that more often than not, we are choosing to study harder rather than smarter. This blog is all about useful study tips, places to study on our campus, and resources our campus offers to help you study.

In order to study and actually retain the information, you have to put yourself in an environment where you feel comfortable and there are as few distractions as possible. This varies from student to student and is based off of personal preference. For me, I study best alone and in an environment that is quiet. However, there are several college students who study best in group settings. By this late in the year, there is a good chance you have already found that group of friends that you study best with. If you start planning your group study sessions for finals now, there is a significantly high chance that you all will perform well on those exams. It is crucial to plan ahead when it comes to studying. You should allocate time every day to studying on your own, but set up a weekly or biweekly time with your group of friends to study as well. It is amazing how much you can learn from studying with other people.

Once you and your friends decide on a weekly or biweekly time to study, you are going to need a place to study as well. Lucky for all of us here at Lincoln Memorial University, there are several options of places you can study. If you prefer indoors, the study rooms in the Math and Science Building are my favorite place to go. They have plenty of space, and the dry erase boards are very helpful to have so you can draw things out until they make sense. The library also has study rooms as well as computer labs that are available for students to use. The Student Center is another good option for a place to study. You and your group of friends can sit in the lounge to study and be able to conveniently get food, coffee, or play some ping pong or pool when you are ready for a study break. Although all of these are great options, as it gets closer to the end of the semester people typically prefer to study outside. My favorite place to study outdoors is Democrat Hollow. I love to be outside, and Democrat Hollow provides you with plenty of study space on the picnic tables and a cool, crisp environment because of the surrounding woods. If you and your friends are up for a picnic, grab some blankets and head down to the amphitheater behind Avery. The amphitheater provides plenty of open space in a somewhat secluded area that you and your friends can be sure to feel productive in.

As if our campus was not providing us with enough things for the perfect study environment already, it also provides free tutoring just in case you need a little extra help. The TAGGE is located on the first floor of the library. They have incredible tutors for every subject on campus so that you are guaranteed to get the help that you need when you go in. I have used the TAGGE several times, and I think it is very important to use it at the end of the semester. It can help ensure you reach the academic goals you have set for yourself. If you start planning now by deciding how much time you will allot per day to study, a time you are going to study with a group every week, find a place on campus that you feel like is the best fit for your learning environment, and make an appointment at the TAGGE for those classes you need some extra help or reassurance in, it will have an unbelievable impact on you. Your grades will be better, you will not feel as stressed because you have taken the time to prepare, and you will be confident in finishing out the semester on a strong note.

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